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The Good Neighbor Home Repair Project provides limited home repairs for low-income elderly and disabled persons and some families with children.

Hawkins and Hancock Counties in North-East Tennessee have a large number of residents who are in great need of home repairs.  Most are either elderly or handicapped living on fixed incomes of around $500-$700 per month.  This small income barely meets their day to day needs and often, even then, without area food pantries, they would have a hard time making ends meet.  As a result they find themselves forgoing home repair needs so that they can pay immediate bills and medical costs.

How it Works: people living in Hawkins and Hancock county of North-East Tennessee, who are in need of emergency home repairs contact our ministry here in Rogersville.  They receive an application and once it has been completed, someone from our small staff here meets them and evaluates their needs.  Because we take the welfare of the people of our community as a serious charge from God, we do our best to identify those most in need.  We then try to match the prioritized home repair need with the skill set of your team!

We feel that it is our mission in the Good Neighbor Program to know the needs of our community and to do our best to be a first class host to your willing heart to serve the kingdom of God by being a blessing to the people of our community and their needs.  Through continuous contact (usually by email and telephone) with your team leadership,   we try to provide your team with several options of prioritized projects that appear to fit your teamsí skill-set.  Then we encourage you to send a small reconnaissance team, referred to as pilot teams, to make a short springtime trip to Rogersville.  At that time we can meet with the homeowner and their family and look over the project in-depth to determine the extent of the work needed and how it can be best addressed with your team.

Who Pays For This? We use multiple avenues to pay for each project.  The first is homeowner contribution.  However, as you can imagine, most are in desperate need and have little or no monies available for material.  Our second avenue is to use the lionís share of the team fees to cover material costs.  However, even this is often not enough to cover all the material expenses.  From here it gets difficult. Sometimes churches help, sometimes local business, and often, the help comes from the team its-self!  Many of our teams have fund-raisers and take up donations just to help cover the material expenses. 

In 2018
  • 17 home repairs
  • 3 dental clinics
  • 560 in Block Parties and Community Services

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