In 2018:

  • 110,008 meals were fed to children

  • 4,815 salvations were recorded

    Of One Accord Global Missions

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    Of One Accord (OOA) Global Missions was birthed in the heart of Charlie Price in 2001 after he made several mission trips to third world countries and witnessed first hand the extreme poverty. Charlie has been on nearly a dozen mission trips and although he was overwhelmed at the economic conditions in those countries, he was equally disturbed that there was no consistent outside support for the ministries he visited. He began to look for ways to help support these ministries, and established Of One Accord Global Missions, with a mission to send monthly support to the ministries he visited earlier. Over time, Charlie and supporters were able to raise more than $3,000 a month to support the work of 8 pastors in 6 nations.

    Public dollars are sponsoring:

    Church planting
    Outreach VBS
    Bible, vocational & grade schools
    Medical outreaches & prenatal care & classes
    200 families given cholera medicine
    Over 100,000 meals a year provide to starving children
    2 orphanages
    gospel radio station in a Muslim area of Africa
    water provision ( 6 wells )
    churches: 80+ and growing
    22 total schools
    3 Bible schools with over 150 students
    2 technical/vocational schools
    4,815 salvations for 2018 for Jesus Christ.  53,733 salvations have been recorded since the start of the Global Outreach in 2001
    Newly operating Arise FM radio station in Mongoro, Tanzania.   Sending a voice of hope to 1 million listeners at any given time.

    To learn more about the ministries we support, click on the country below. We hope that enjoy learning more about each of these ministries and the men and women who oversee them:

    Dr, Bill & Marv
    Dr. Bill Sawyer (Left) and Marvin Tapp (Right)

    Meet Our New Director: Dr. Bill Sawyer grew up in Texas, graduated from University of Dallas with a Masterís in Business. He loved church work, felt called into ministry and after attending school went to Argentina where he pastured and planted churches for 22 years. During that time, he earned his doctorate from International Seminary in Florida.

    Previous Director Marvin Tapp, took a job working with the 700 Club, Operation Blessing and knowing there would be a vacancy began praying asking God to open doors for a replacement. Dr. Sawyer had moved back to Grand Prairie, Texas and it only made sense to ask someone who knew missions, had experienced time in the field and understood both from the home front and missions field where real needs existed and how best to address them.

    Dr. Sawyer is planning to expand our efforts. In the last 11 years, 2.5 million meals have been fed and 35,000 people have come to Christ. The fields are ripe to harvest so Global Missions will be undertaking new efforts to raise funds to save lives and souls abroad. We have chosen works that have fallen through the cracks of major worldwide ministry efforts. OOA Global Missions is serving in areas, where no outside help comes.

    New in that undertaking is planning regular mission trips to these mission fields. Come meet the church workers and those they serve. See missions in action. Come home changed.

    To find out opportunities for trips in 2015, contact Global Missions Director, Dr. Bill Sawyer- 214-625-2587

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