History of Of One Accord Ministry

In 1988, Sheldon Livesay of Rogersville, Tennessee, Founder and Director of Of One Accord Ministry, was working at a family-owned business. Sheldon went to the front of his church for prayer in response to the pastor asking if anyone wanted to be used by God. He felt that he was supposed to do something for his community, and asked the congregation to pray for him. Shortly, thereafter, Sheldon and his family began to distribute emergency food items to persons in need from the bedroom of their home in Rogersville.

Of One Accord, Inc., also known as Of One Accord Ministry was birthed from this humble beginning. The ministry became incorporated in 1990, and since then expanded its services into all of Hawkins and Hancock Counties in Northeast Tennessee. Of One Accord has experienced tremendous growth in the past ten years and is becoming known as an ever-evolving, non-profit organization that helps to meet the needs of low-income families and individuals in this two-county Appalachian region and beyond.

Growth of the Ministry:

1988: The Livesay family began to distribute emergency food items from their home to persons in need.
1990: The Shepherd's Center Food Pantry & Thrift Store opened in Rogersville.
1990: Christmas for the Children in Hawkins County was established.
1996: The Shepherd's Corner Food Pantry & Thrift Store opened in Sneedville.
1998: Emergency Services Food Pantry opened in Church Hill.
2000: The Church Hill Free Medical Clinic began to serve uninsured persons in Hawkins & Hancock Counties and the Tri-Cities community.
2001: Of One Accord Global Mission was established to fund pastors & feed children in Haiti and eventually expanded into other locations within six different nations.
2001: The Shepherd's Corner moved into a newly acquired building at 306 East Main Street, Rogersville and the name was changed to the Shepherd's Center, which also became the Ministry's headquarters.
2002: A computer center was opened at the Shepherd's Center in Rogersville to provide computer training for the public free of charge.
2006: The Neighborly Meals Program began to deliver daily home-cooked meals to elderly & disabled persons in the Rogersville community.
2006: "The Lunch Box" Summer Food Service Program began to feed children & teens during the summer months from a retired school bus that was renovated into a mobile cafeteria.
2008: The Free Medical Clinic celebrated their grand opening in a newly renovated space in the Church Hill Shopping Center, offering more services to the community.
2009: The Sneedville Shepherd's Corner purchased and celebrated it's opening of a new ministry headquarters in Sneedville, TN. Through this facility, which doubles floor space and parking, offers room to grow on this 1 acre property. New programs are planned for the community
Of One Accord purchased Market Place a building across the street from the Rogersville headquarters.  The front of this building is rented store-front space which will remain the same.  The back 30 x 200í section will become housing for mission teams in the summer and the dining room will become the Christmas for the Children headquarters during the Christmas season

Of One Accord took The Mission under itís umbrella which is a drug recovery program operating in Sneedville

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